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Genesee County Complete Count Committee

Welcome to Genesee County's 2010 Census website. Census Day is April 1, 2010 and there is a lot at stake for Genesee County.

The Genesee County Complete Count Committee has been working diligently since last fall to ensure that area residents are educated on the importance of being counted in 2010. Members of the Complete Count Committee are experts in government, education, media, community organizations, workforce development, faith-based institutions and businesses, among others.

Larry Moon and Peppy Rosenthal are co-chairing the Complete Count Committee. They have been working behind the scenes with various sub-committee chairs to bring Genesee County one step closer to conducting the most successful census ever.

Through grassroots efforts that promote the importance and benefits of responding to the census, the Complete Count Committee is also working hard to dispel the myths surrounding the census process.

"In the 2000 Census, only 61 percent of our residents were counted and that's unacceptable," said Larry Moon, co-chair. "We must be completely counted in the 2010 Census. It is critical to the future our community."

Members of the Genesee County Complete Count Committee include:

  Larry Moon,Co-Chair
Peppy Rosenthal, Co-Chair
Gary Alter
Jim Ananich
Ralph Arellamo
Doug Bacon
Jacob Bennett
Al Blinke
Danielle Brown
John Care
Craig Coney
Amber English
Jennifer Farrington
Claude High
Dawn Jones
Pat Lockwood
Sixto Olivo
Marcus Randolph
Kirk Rodgers
Mona Sahouri
Omar Sims
David Solis
Sue Tippett
Anthony Turner
Joyce Webb